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At Anointed Restoration Ministries, our husband-and-wife team of pastoral counselors, Dr. Jann and Phil James, are board certified by the National Christian Counselors Association for integrated marriage and family therapy, sexual issues, temperament therapy, crisis and abuse therapy, and substance abuse counseling.

Seeking Wholeness?

Whatever your problem, Bible-based counseling can help you reach wholeness with the help of Jesus Christ. With our services, you get 2 counselors - with the added benefit of both a male and female perspective - for the price of one. At Anointed Restoration Ministries, we bring healing, restoration, and wholeness to individuals, marriages, and families, as well as business and ministerial staffs, that the body of Christ might be "fitly joined together." Contact us today to find out what we can offer you.

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At times even Committed Couples just can't figure out how to make their relationships really work.

You are not out to intentionally make each other crazy. You believe that your spouse is not a person of ill will, but you haven't been as successful as you both want - and may even have lost hope. Although you want to avoid divorce, you don't see a way out. We can help.

Depressed? Anxious? Lonely? Frustrated? Stressed Out? Angry? Out of Control?

Your emotions can move you closer to - or farther from God's plan for you. Don't let them RUIN your life. Contact our clinical pastoral counseling center to uncover your true identity and discover your road to wholeness.

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About Us

Dr. Jann & her husband Phil work together to minister to your needs. Jann has her PhD and Phil his MA in Clinical Christian Counseling. If you want professional help from both a male and a female perspective, you'll appreciate having both of them on your team at no extra cost to you. Relax, sit back, and let them help you during a flexible block of time set aside just to focus on you.

We look forward to seeing you enjoy abundant life!

Binding up the brokenhearted and setting the captive free

-for such a time as this-

Phil & Jann